Creamy Norwegian Cod Soup (Torskesuppe)

February 20, 2018
Norwegian Creamy Cod Soup (Torskesuppe)

Norwegian Creamy Cod Soup (Torskesuppe)Norwegian Creamy Cod Soup (Torskesuppe)While winter means a barren landscape void of fruits and vegetables and wild herbs, life is teeming and thriving under the waters. In fact, winter in Norway is the best season to feast on fish and seafood along the coast despite the love affair we associate with consuming them during the warm, summer months.

Cod is one type of fish that happens to be in the best condition during the colder months. There is even an old saying in Norway stating that cod is at its best when eaten in all the months with the letter ‘r’ in them – meaning, all months except for May, June, July, and August.

Torsk har ypperlig kvalitet i alle måneder med “r”.

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Cinnamon Cake Bread (Kanelkakebrød)

January 30, 2018
Cinnamon Cake Bread (Kanelkakebrød)

Cinnamon Cake Bread (Kanelkakebrød)Cinnamon Cake Bread (Kanelkakebrød)Winter came with a fierceness this year, unlike last year’s somewhat bleak and disappointing season where pockets of snow and slush lay strewn about fields of brown. This winter had other ideas. Grandeur ideas. A plush blanket of white snow, covered with another blanket, and another, and yet another. In some places, the snow towers so high that when I peer out my window I can only see the skyline. Continue Reading…

Beef and Vegetable Stew (Brun Lapskaus)

January 12, 2018
Norwegian Beef and Vegetable Stew (Brun Lapskaus)

Norwegian Beef and Vegetable Stew (Brun Lapskaus)Lapskaus is simply a Norwegian stew made up of meat and vegetables, with both dark and light versions. Brun “brown” lapskaus is made with beef that is browned first before the other ingredients are added. Some also prepare brun lapskaus with the addition of a brown gravy. Lys “light” lapskaus is typically made with pork, salted or smoked, and cooked in the sauce rather than browned first. Continue Reading…

‘Glitre’ kringle

December 28, 2017
Glitrekringle (Maj-Lis's Norwegian pastry with raisins and nuts)

Glitrekringle (Maj-Lis's Norwegian pastry with raisins and nuts)Glitrekringle (Maj-Lis's Norwegian pastry with raisins and nuts)In the bright of the day, looking toward the bay, the water sparkles as the sun’s rays reflect off the waves with an intense luster creating an almost magical atmosphere.  This reoccurring picture and likening to glitter is what gave inspiration for the name of a farm in Rollag three generations ago. It would, in recent times, be the inspiration behind the name of the baked good so loved and so often served at this farm, by the hands of Maj-Lis. Continue Reading…

Pinnekjøtt Macaroni and Cheese and Winter Slaw

December 19, 2017
Norwegian Pinnekjøtt Macaroni and Cheese and Winter Slaw

Norwegian Pinnekjøtt Macaroni and Cheese and Winter SlawNorwegian Pinnekjøtt Macaroni and Cheese and Winter SlawPinnekjøtt (cured lamb ribs) will be served on many tables this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. When all have had their fair share – belly’s content and smiles abounding – there might even be a couple ribs leftover. And this is when it’s fun to get creative and come up with new ways to serve the leftovers. For me, a family favorite – and indulgent one at that – is homemade macaroni and cheese. Cheesy and  creamy, simple and versatile – the perfect balance of pasta and cheese.

I’ve had this idea brewing in my head since last year – combining these two traditional meals into one glorious hot casserole of macaroni, cheese, and shredded pinnekjøtt. While this recipe is about bringing two traditional dishes together, and may even appear a bit un-Norwegian, macaroni has been a Norwegian favorite for quite some time. Continue Reading…


December 13, 2017
Norwegian Knekk-Kaker(Thin Christmas cookies with oats)

Norwegian Knekk-Kaker(Thin Christmas cookies with oats) Norwegian Knekk-Kaker(Thin Christmas cookies with oats)One of the great things about holiday baking is that everyone has their own traditions and favorites. Recipes which span for generations, recipes that cross continents, recipes that adapt and evolve in one’s own kitchen. Each recipe with a history and a story.

While sitting around a table with friends a few weeks back our conversation turned to holiday baking. In typical fashion for our area, most had plans to start off the season by making large batches of lefse. We discussed favorite cookies, like pepperkaker (gingerbread), kransekake (almond tower cake), and krumkaker (wafer cookies), to name a few. One friend, Anne Lise, turned to me, and with a broad smile and glitter in her eyes, told me that one of her favorite julekaker (Christmas cookies) is knekk-kaker. Continue Reading…