Fiskegrateng (Fish Casserole with Macaroni & Garlicky Breadcrumbs)

March 17, 2017
Norwegian Fiskegrateng (Fish & Macaroni Casserole with Garlicky Breadcrumbs)

Norwegian Fiskegrateng (Fish & Macaroni Casserole with Garlicky Breadcrumbs)Some days you just need something with a bit of depth and a bit of warmth. An all-in-one meal straight from the oven and dished out directly from its hot container. Nothing too fancy or fussy. A good, classic meal that you can always count on. Understated, but gives you that cozy feeling with each bite. For me, that’s fiskegrateng.

Fiskegrateng is the very definition of comfort food. This is a beloved and popular dish throughout Norway and has had a constant place in cookbooks and homes throughout the 20th and 21st century, possibly even before. It’s an ideal way to use up leftover fish or just serve fish for dinner that everyone is bound to enjoy. It’s almost like a mac & cheese –  just swap out the cheese for the fish. Continue Reading…

Homemade Walnut Bread (Valnøttbrød)

March 9, 2017
Walnut Bread (Valnøttbrød)

Walnut Bread (Valnøttbrød)There’s nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven. The warmth of the oven encompassing the kitchen and the anticipation of taking the first bite.

Bread is an absolute staple in Norwegian cuisine. You can usually count on a couple of slices for breakfast and lunch, each with a topping of choice. You’ll find, more often than not, an emphasis on hearty breads that rely on a variety of flours, whole grains and seeds. And while it may be easy to just pick up a loaf from the local bakery or store, nothing beats the taste of homemade bread.

Walnut Bread (Valnøttbrød) Continue Reading…

Heitevegger (Bergen’s Warm Shrovetide Buns)

February 24, 2017
Heitevegger (Bergen Hot Buns for Shrovetide/Fastelavns)

Heitevegger (Bergen Hot Buns for Shrovetide/Fastelavns) Heitevegger (Bergen Hot Buns for Shrovetide/FastalavnsChange is in the air. That time again when the sun stays a little longer each day and the once, all-white landscape has become a collage of earthy tones. We are edging towards spring and that means we are also edging toward the cusp of lent with the celebration of Fastelavns, ‘the fast evening’.

The typical fare for Fastelavns in Norway is a sweet bun with a layer of whipped cream in the middle called Fastelavnsboller (you can find my recipe and the history here). You will also find different names and slightly different ways of serving these buns across Scandinavia, but the heart of the treat is always the same. The bun. Continue Reading…

Tropisk Aroma-Kake (Tropical Aroma Cake)

February 11, 2017
Tropisk Aroma-Kake (Norwegian Tropical Aroma Cake)

Tropisk Aroma-Kake (Norwegian Tropical Aroma Cake)Tropisk Aroma-Kake (Norwegian Tropical Aroma Cake)Tropisk Aroma-Kake, or tropical aroma cake, conjures up an incredible scenery in the mind. Thoughts of palm trees and exotic fruits, perhaps, or even a sandy beach and bright, blue waters. A cake laden with colors and tastes from paradise. At least that’s what my mind envisioned as the words fell out of my Norwegian friend’s mouth. She explained to me that there was this cake, which her aunt always made, which she adored, and which I just had to make myself. An old fashioned cake and a reminder of her childhood. A Norwegian cake, with a tropical name.

When Irene sent me the recipe, I eyed the ingredient list waiting to spot pineapple or banana or coconut. Instead, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to bring me straight to a lush paradise. A few spices, some cocoa, and I suppose what could be interesting in some eyes, the addition of strong coffee. I was a little surprised, a little curious. Perhaps even a little disappointed. Disappointed that I fell into the trap of reading into a name. But surely there was more to this cake. Continue Reading…

Skoleboller (Norwegian Buns with Custard & Coconut)

February 3, 2017
Skoleboller (Norwegian Buns with Custard & Coconut)

Skoleboller (Norwegian Buns with Custard & Coconut)Some days, you just need to bake. Whatever the occasion, whatever the sky.

My baking day turned into days. Baked goods all around. A seamless stream of sweet things. Anytime I begin contemplating about what to bake, there is always a request for one in particular. Boller. Perhaps the most popular baked good in Norway. And perhaps one of the simplest.

Boller are Norway’s answer to a sweet bread and instead of just being a simple yeast dough that is lightly sweetened, cardamom is added. This distinctive and flavorful spice takes baked goods to a whole new level. Anyone will tell you that cardamom is a key player in Norwegian baked goods. What’s even better about boller, is that it acts as a base to so many other great variations. One variation, in particular, looks like snowfall on a sunny day. And perhaps, in one way or another, this time the sky was my inspiration to get in the kitchen and bake. Continue Reading…

Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised Beef

January 21, 2017
Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised Beef

Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised Beef Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised BeefThis is part 2 of my @noodleholicsparty  challenge – where a group of food bloggers shared their favorite noodle dishes from around the globe. If you missed part 1 from last week, I created an elegant version of Juniper Berry & Barley Noodles with Creamy Chanterelles.

But just to recap, although noodles are not part of the traditional Norwegian food culture, I found this challenge to be an interesting one to take on. I wanted to showcase just what a Norwegian noodle dish might look like. Because, after all, noodles are made with simple base ingredients. The same ingredients that are the building blocks for Norwegian breads, like lefse and flatbrød. So even though there has never been a distinctive Norwegian noodle, there is no reason there shouldn’t have been or should be one now.

Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised Beef Hand-Cut Rye Noodles with Beer-Braised Beef Continue Reading…