January 19, 2019
Bondeomelette (Norwegian Farm Omelette)

The near year is upon us and sometimes that means getting back into the swing of things takes a little more time. Even in the kitchen it’s nice to start with simple dishes following an excess of holiday meals and over the top dishes you reserve for one last bang to end the year on.

When thinking about the first dish of the year to share with you, I couldn’t help but continuously glance over at the egg basket sitting near the kitchen window. It was full to the brim. And the excess eggs, somewhere around 48 eggs were taking up far too much space in the corner. You see our hens had stopped producing eggs when the weather turned toward the middle of autumn. The egg basket was empty. Mid-December, we peaked in the coop to discover a good handful of fresh eggs. We haven’t been able to use them up as fast as they have been coming, so a simple egg dish seemed not only appropriate but somewhat imperative.

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Serinakaker (Norwegian Christmas Cookies)

December 21, 2018
Serinakaker (Norwegian Christmas cookies)

Serinakaker (Norwegian Christmas cookies) Serinakaker (Norwegian Christmas cookies)The snow continues its graceful decent from above – large flakes producing a thick, white blanket as far as the eye can see. It’s a winter wonderland and today is the last day of any work and school obligations before celebrations truly take hold. With only a few days to go before juleaften, I wanted to share one more favorite baked good with you: serinakaker. Continue Reading…

Brune Pinner (Norwegian Christmas Cookies)

December 17, 2018
Brune Pinner (Norwegian Christmas Cookies)

Brune Pinner (Norwegian Christmas Cookies)Brune Pinner (Norwegian Christmas Cookies)Brune pinner directly translates to “brown sticks” – a direct reference to their appearance, but an understatement in terms of their taste. They’re somewhat similar to gingerbread/pepperkaker, but with a strong hint of syrup and cinnamon, and a topping of sugar and almonds to accentuate every bite. Continue Reading…

Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

December 6, 2018
Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese) Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

“Lefse uten gomme er som grøt uten salt”.

(Lefse wthout gomme is like porridge without salt)

Gomme goes by many names, including gumme, gubbost, and dravle. It’s created by cooking down fresh milk – curds and whey and all – to achieve a soft and spreadable sweet cheese. It’s been around for centuries, perhaps one of the older desserts known, and has had a central place among Norwegian milk dishes. Life on a self-sustainable farm meant a limited supply of cow’s milk during certain parts of the year. Therefore, since gomme was made of fresh milk, it is reasonable to assume it was a highly treasured dish that was reserved for special occasions and high holidays. Continue Reading…

Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (kanelsnurrer med tyttebær)

November 27, 2018
Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (kanelsnurrer med tyttebær)

Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (tytebær-og kanel snurrerLingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (tytebær-og kanel snurrerThere is an intense ruggedness at this time of year when autumn is holding on tightly before winter sweeps through for good. The sky is more often than not a grey hue with gaps of blue sometimes piercing through. The landscape is subdued, quiet even, as it slowly paces toward the end of another season. The fog comes rolling in with more vigor, covering everything in its path in a billowy embrace. It’s a magical time; a window between the end of one period and the start of a new. Continue Reading…